How to Use Blog Content Creation as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

How to Use Blog Content Creation as Part of Your Marketing Strategy


One of the hardest concepts for many business owners to grasp is the importance of blogging as part of an online marketing strategy. Often, people who have recognized the role of social media platforms think that just because they have a robust presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, they’re all set.

But even if you actively create content on all of those platforms, if you miss this one vital part of your social media marketing strategy, you’re losing business. And that vital part is blogging.

A blog is the hub of your online marketing. In a way, it’s your storefront in the world of the internet, whether or not you have a physical store in your town or not at all. Your website with a blog is the place where all of your social media profiles should point to. Some say all roads lead to Rome; I say all roads lead to your blog.

A blog is part of a marketing strategy called inbound marketing. In inbound marketing, you put quality, relevant, valuable content in front of your ideal customer at the right time (when he or she is interested in that piece of information).

If you get this right, your customers will see your marketing as useful, needed, and a very welcome form of assistance.

That’s not exactly what we think of when we talk about marketing, though, is it? We think of marketing just in terms of advertising. And we think of advertising in terms of things we like to skip, like fast forwarding through the commercials when we record something on a DVR.

This kind of marketing is called outbound marketing. In short, outbound marketing involves blasting your message to as many people as possible, hoping you happen to get it in front of someone interested.

In a nutshell, outbound marketing is intrusive, spammy, and unwelcome.

If blogging is a form of inbound marketing and inbound marketing is viewed as a welcome way of marketing, do you see why you might want to consider making it a regular part of your marketing routine?

There are a number of reasons why blogging brings an increase in website traffic and in customers. Part of it is related to something called search engine optimization, aka SEO.

Google keeps revising its means of finding and delivering search engine results pages (SERP). One factor that boosts every business’s ranking on a Google search is frequency of posting. Google assumes that if you are regularly posting quality content, it’s more likely that your content is authoritative in your field.

Now quality content means just that. Quality. It doesn’t mean keyword-stuffed articles you produce to try to “game the system” of search engine results. Those days are long gone.

Honestly, if you’re using a blog to acquire more customers, it’s a strategy (aka, something that works on a long term basis). It’s not a quick fix. It requires both creating quality content and doing so on a regular basis.

Blogging also works because it gives your customers a reason to come back to your website regularly. You provide quality information regularly and repeatedly, and your customers naturally see you as someone who provides value to their lives and businesses. As a result – they naturally want to visit your online storefront on a regular basis.

To make it simple, regular blogging brings you prospects and it brings you customers. Blog regularly and blog well, and you’ll have discovered the secret for how to use blogging to boost your business!

How’s your blog coming? I’d love to know – leave a comment below!

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